I know many of you will be like “what are you talking about – it’s only October!!!” and that’s true, October doesn’t really fill one with Christmas cheer but with only 10 Fridays to go – Christmas is coming and fat man red, knows if you’ve been naughty or nice!

The older I get, the quicker time seems to go – 8 weeks ago, I was lying on a beach in Cyprus in 45 degree heat, in another 8 weeks – the Christmas tree will be up, thermals on and sleigh bells ringing.

Now, as a horticulture site (and as a reader), we recommend purchasing real Christmas trees. To get the most out of your Christmas tree, you could use topsoil (we wrote an article on topsoil here. Topsoil will keep the tree hydrated and stop it from dying, making the branches green and full of life – bringing Christmas cheer to all that see it.

If you do not keep your Christmas tree hydrated and ensure it is getting the nutrients it need – well, it may not actually survive to see the big festive day and we hate to imagine sad faces on young children, expecting to sit around a topsoil rich, green Christmas tree only to be confronted with a branch less weed!

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