Yes – you read the title of this post correctly – gardening on your narrowboat! Yes, those long, narrow things that you see along the canal, that you look at and muse “what would it be like to go on one of those?”

They have a warm, British charm about them and there are hordes of people now making narrowboats their home or holiday destination. We spoke to Matt over at, the UK’s premier narrowboat equipment supplier – the company has been in existence as a chandlery supplier for almost a century and in recent years, he tells little green nursery that the demand for narrowboat accessories has exploded. He thinks at least due in part because they are a cheaper alternative to mum, dad and 4 kids trekking abroad. A narrowboat gives you all the freedom you could want, with sprawling open, vibrant views of unspoiled country side (and if the British weather actually delivers some sunshine – it can be quite the breath taking experience).

Ridethewaves sell everything you could need for your narrowboat, so get on over to their website and take a look. We also have a special coupon code giving our readers 10% off (more about that later) – keep reading to find out more!

So, with more people taking to narrowboats and taking their mod-cons such as TVs. microwaves and fully working kitchens – many narrowboat owners now use the roof of their narrow boats to grow vegetables and plants! Plants like geraniums are even used to keep insects at bay. We have a few tips about how to create the perfect narrowboat garden!:

  • Plants are aesthetically pleasing and can also produce you, your own scrumptious food!
  • Lots of plants are now grown for urban gardening. Meaning a narrowboat is ideal for container gardening
  • The roof of your narrowboat is a fantastic place for your crops, just ensure they are secured
  • Growbags are ideal for the roof of your boat
  • Use purpose made gardening trays to protect your paintwork
  • If you are just spending the summer on your narrowboat – purchase some fast growing salad crops and herbs – get back in touch with nature!
  • Ensure you can still get under low bridges!

Whatever you decide to grow, it will really add a spark of vibrance to your time on your narrowboat. To make things even more tempting – are offering a 10% discount on all of their narrowboat equipment to our readers! Simply apply the coupon code: RWLGN10 at checkout to receive your discount!

As always, if you have anything you would like to add or say – email us at! Happy boating – take a look at the video below for more ideas!

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