With no end of the recession in sight, many office managers are still looking to cut costs wherever they can. These cost cutting measures can range from saving paper by only printing off essential documents to implementing a policy where members of staff must provide their own pens and pencils. Office managers are also looking for non-essential expenses which could be dropped. However it’s worth bearing in mind that some seemingly innocuous cost cutting measures could prove counter productive.

For example, if you hire plants for the office, this may could be deemed as an unnecessary expense. But given the fact that office plants actively create a better working environment, both aesthetically and on health grounds, removing the plants from the office will more than likely have a detrimental effect on your workforce. Obviously cutting costs is essential to an extent, but you need to cut costs which will not affect the smooth running of your operation.

Other cost cutting initiatives could also prove to be a bitter pill to swallow by some of your staff. Some larger companies have introduced fees for using the company car park, which is never welcomed by employees who drive to work. All of a sudden charging for tea, coffee, milk and sugar also receives a frosty reception, but they’ll get over it in time. Your staff may seem a little disappointed should all the office plants be gone one day, but probably won’t notice the adverse affects of having no living plants in the office for a week or two. If you do hire plants for the office, then keep hold of them as they are the unsung heroes of any office environment.


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