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The seeds of Little Green Nursery go back many many years to my Grandmother – a lovely lady with unlined soft skin who was forever diving into the fridge and pottering off to her garden to get things to make up for her skin. My mother has continued in her footsteps and passed her knowledge and interest to me. I pottered along slapping the contents of my fridge on my skin for years, not really having a proper skin routine as anything I bought resulted in a fine crop of spots and irritated skin. When I hit 35 and decided that my slap dash approach could not continue so I started again with a proper skin care routine with a range that comes highly recommended and is fairly natural. Instead of glowing skin, yet again I errupted and the spots that I had avoided during my teens caught up with me. My family history and previous career in research kicked in and I started looking into the whole skin care issue. Very soon I began making my own using organically grown ingredients and my skin started to recover and began to glow (I am a big fan of Rosehip Oil).

Research shows that skin absorbs into the bloodstream up to 60% of what is put on it and that childrens’ skin is 5 times thinner than adults. Given these facts I soon became very concerned about my children’s skin. I had never put much on them and had instinctively avoided bubble bath, but was quite horrified when I started researching some of the ingredients in things like shampoo and moisturisers. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) are both known skin irritants, mineral oil which is a by product of the petroleum industry and parabans (a commonly used preservative which has recently been linked to cancer) are all routinely used in children’s products as they are cheap to use in manufacturing. I also started looking into the natural and organic skin care products out there and realised that they vary dramatically in their quality. For example, one of the innocent sounding vegetable emulisfying waxes on the market contains SLES.

I have put together a selection of the are purest organic products on the market. There are no parabans, SLE or SLS or anything similar, in fact there are no preservatives full stop. The producers of these products are small companies who make the products by hand in small batches. Obviously this method of manufacturing is more time consuming and the products cost more than the bottles you find on the supermarket shelf, but they are all reasonable in price and I personally am not prepared to compromise my children’s skin and health for the sake of a few pounds, I hope you feel the same. As for the idea that you need to make children’s products fun (ie. coloured and in fun packaging) I would suggest that it is much more important to put the focus on making bath time fun and children will just accept that having cream etc put on them is part of the routine – if you feel the need for bubbles buy bubble mixture ! Finally on the subject of baths, please check out our information section and read the article on new born skin care by Sharon Trotter to see why you should only use plain simple water on your baby for the first month (and that doesn’t cost a penny !)

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