Japanese knotweed and getting a mortgage

Japanese knotweed, named one of the top 100 invasive weeds in the world, is a nuisance for any gardener. With it’s extensive and deep root system, this weed is very difficult to eliminate, and concentrated weed killer is often not sufficient to fix the problem. When dealing with this type of weed, it is in the gardener’s best interest to invest in a Japanese knotweed removal specialist.

Knotweed Services UK say that by using a professional Japanese knotweed removal company – once treatment commences and a guarantee is issued getting a mortgage with Japanese Knotweed should not be a problem as all the lender requires is a management plan to be put into place to guarantee that the infestation is being treated.

While many have reported initial positive results following the application of weed killer to this devastating weed, it is normally not powerful enough to saturate the depth of the Japanese knotweed root system. Others have spent hours of their time cutting and digging the Japanese knotweed only to find that their efforts were made in vain when they quickly see it reappear in full force.

A properly trained Japanese knotweed specialist has various techniques to literally get to the root of the problem and provide successful results. Through specialised ways of applying herbicides, binding the weeds and other unique methods, these professionals can completely annihilate the problem, leaving the gardener with a field of thriving fruits, vegetables, flowers or any other plant intended.

Anyone who sees the tell tale cane-like features appearing in his or her garden would best benefit by calling a Japanese knotweed specialist as soon as possible. By receiving professional help quickly, the roots can be eliminated more easily which diminishes the amount of damage desired plants will ultimately receive.

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Christmas is coming

I know many of you will be like “what are you talking about – it’s only October!!!” and that’s true, October doesn’t really fill one with Christmas cheer but with only 10 Fridays to go – Christmas is coming and fat man red, knows if you’ve been naughty or nice!

The older I get, the quicker time seems to go – 8 weeks ago, I was lying on a beach in Cyprus in 45 degree heat, in another 8 weeks – the Christmas tree will be up, thermals on and sleigh bells ringing.

Now, as a horticulture site (and as a reader), we recommend purchasing real Christmas trees. To get the most out of your Christmas tree, you could use topsoil (we wrote an article on topsoil here. Topsoil will keep the tree hydrated and stop it from dying, making the branches green and full of life – bringing Christmas cheer to all that see it.

If you do not keep your Christmas tree hydrated and ensure it is getting the nutrients it need – well, it may not actually survive to see the big festive day and we hate to imagine sad faces on young children, expecting to sit around a topsoil rich, green Christmas tree only to be confronted with a branch less weed!

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The benefits of topsoil for a lush green lawn in Bromsgrove

It should be no surprise that topsoil Bromsgrove can bring you a myriad of healthy, green and lush grass (and is fantastic for planting!) and anyone that has the pleasure of being able to spend an extended amount of time in the garden will tell you – the well being benefits of a great looking garden or allotment is unmeasurable!

Topsoil can help plants such as the peace lily, aloe vera and spider plants grow tall and healthy. These kinds of plants are excellent at breaking down airborne toxins and putting oxygen back into the atmosphere within your open space. It’s also well worth considering how the plants are arranged as well thought out landscaping adds to the overall aesthetic of any garden or allotment.

So how does topsoil help?

Well – good quality, screened topsoil is full of nutrients and can help any lawn or soil that is poor or infertile to grow lots of green grass and lush vegetation and plants. It contains all the vitamins and nutrients that your grass, lawn and plants require for sustained, healthy and vigorous growth!

There are many places on the internet that you can purchase topsoil from but our personal favourite is valleycontractors.co.uk. Offering same day topsoil delivery throughout the west Midlands including Birmingham, Redditch at topsoil Bromsgrove and starting at only £78 for a bulk bag, it is both great quality and an excellent price! They also provide express delivery nationwide!

Arrange your garden for maximum impact

Mixing flowering plants with ferns or other foliage plants and putting sculptural plants in a prominent position will create a variety of focal points which will break up what would otherwise be a bland, almost lifeless garden space. Some plants such as a large, established yucca work perfectly in solitude, and coupled with some well placed lighting can cast some wonderfully shadows across the grass.

With a little imagination and a lot of plants you can create a landscaping design which will completely change the look and feel of your landscape. By creating a more pleasing and healthy outdoor environment will have a positive effect for the time you spend outdoors.

Check out the video below:

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Cutting Costs Conscientiously.

With no end of the recession in sight, many office managers are still looking to cut costs wherever they can. These cost cutting measures can range from saving paper by only printing off essential documents to implementing a policy where members of staff must provide their own pens and pencils. Office managers are also looking for non-essential expenses which could be dropped. However it’s worth bearing in mind that some seemingly innocuous cost cutting measures could prove counter productive.

For example, if you hire plants for the office, this may could be deemed as an unnecessary expense. But given the fact that office plants actively create a better working environment, both aesthetically and on health grounds, removing the plants from the office will more than likely have a detrimental effect on your workforce. Obviously cutting costs is essential to an extent, but you need to cut costs which will not affect the smooth running of your operation.

Other cost cutting initiatives could also prove to be a bitter pill to swallow by some of your staff. Some larger companies have introduced fees for using the company car park, which is never welcomed by employees who drive to work. All of a sudden charging for tea, coffee, milk and sugar also receives a frosty reception, but they’ll get over it in time. Your staff may seem a little disappointed should all the office plants be gone one day, but probably won’t notice the adverse affects of having no living plants in the office for a week or two. If you do hire plants for the office, then keep hold of them as they are the unsung heroes of any office environment.…

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Hired Office Plants, All Of The Joy, None Of The Hassle

A great way to make an office more inviting and relaxing to be in is to have office plants. Office plants can add softness to an office. Unfortunately, they do require people to take care of the plants, which can take away from the time people are working. However, there are companies which you can hire office plants from and they will also take care of the plants for you on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. There are several different things that plant services can do to take care of the plants that you put in your office. It all depends on if you want to have nothing to do with taking care of the plants, or if you just want to do a minimal amount of taking care of the plants.

They can handle the watering of the plants for you. Plant companies can also come in to prune the plants for you. If you need the plants to be fertilized, they can also come in and take care of that. You can determine how often you would like the company to come in and take care of the plants. This would probably depend on what types of plants you put in your office and how much watering they require.

If you decide to hire someone to take care of your plants, it can be very affordable. It costs much less to pay a company to come and take care of them than it does in lost time that you are paying your own employees. It will take away from their productivity. So, you will not only be losing out on their work, but you will also be paying them to take care of plants at a rate probably much higher than you would have to pay the plant company.

There are many different types of plants you can choose for your office. You can choose ferns and palms. These require minimal work to take care of and would not cost much at all to hire a company to handle them. You can also choose more exotic tropical plants. These plants will really make a big statement to your office. They will also require more maintenance, so they will be a bit more expensive to take care of.

The bottom line is that plants can make a huge difference in an office. They will make the office feel less industrial. The workers will be able to relax more and become more productive. When you get the plants, be sure to hire someone to come in and take care of the plants, it will be well worth the money.…

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